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Harry F. Glemser, Jr.

Background information:

Glemser Confidential Investigative Services, LLC (G.C.I.S.) was founded by Harry F. Glemser Jr. shortly after retiring from the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office as the Commander of the Crime Scene investigation unit with 28 years of experience in all phases of law enforcement. Mr. Glemser’s service includes thirteen years as a patrol officer with the Runnemede Police Department and fifteen years as an Investigator Sergeant 1st class with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in Camden, New Jersey.

Mr. Glemser served in the following units; career criminal juvenile, case preparation, undercover narcotics, organized crime, major crimes, homicide and scientific crime scene investigation which includes the polygraph, evidence and police composite artist units. Mr. Glemser spent eleven years in the Homicide division and enjoyed a 98% solve record of actual homicides assigned to him over an eleven year period. Mr. Glemser was also assigned to the Violent Crimes Task force in 1992 to work specifically on the S.O.M.X. gang-related homicides and received a Meritorious Commendation as a member of that task force and was credited with cutting the city homicide rate in half. He also served as the Camden County homicide fugitive and fatal accident coordinator.

Mr. Glemser has been interviewed on local television as a homicide detective. He was also temporarily sworn in as a United States Marshal to work on a federal wire tap investigation and traveled out of state and country on undercover narcotic and homicide investigations. Mr. Glemser is a former Camden County Prison Board member

Mr. Glemser is currently working in all areas of criminal investigation for various law offices including homicide, death while in police custody, police and firefighter defense of unfair firings, rape investigation, robbery, theft accusation, matrimonial, and motor vehicle accidents. G.C.I.S. also provides private investigative services to the public defending and proving their innocence by investigating their side of their case. We listen to the client when the police will not. We go to the street and work for the client in his/her best interest. We provide affordable access to the kind of investigation which requires strong documentation, courtroom testimony and accurate and reliable fact finding.

G.C.I.S also conducts security consultation for home, school or private industrial security needs. We can find the bugs and holes in your current system and recommend upgrades. Mr. Glemser prides himself in providing the human touch to every assignment which he undertakes.

Mr. Glemser holds the following State of Florida licenses - "A" Private Investigation Agency license, "C" Private Investigator license, "D" Security Officer license, “G” Statewide Concealed Firearm license.


Police Schools:

  • Basic Police Training, Camden Police Academy, 10/73
  • Radar - Vascar Training, 03/74
  • Nunchaku Martial Arts School, 04/74
  • Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, 11/75
  • Breathalyzer School, Hammonton, NJ, 10/76
  • Advanced Drug Enforcement, Sea Girt, NJ, 06/78
  • Sex Crimes, Burlington Police Academy, NJ, 01/79
  • Sex Crimes Investigation and Analysis, 02/79
  • Advanced Driver Training, EDT, Cape May, NJ, 08/79
  • Camden County Municipal In-Service Training, 1978-1979
  • Organized Crime School, NJ State Police, 05/80
  • Police Street Survival School, 1980
  • Advanced Criminal Investigation, FBI, Pennsauken Police Dept., 06/82
  • Jamaican Organized Crime Conference, Baltimore, MD, (40 hrs.), 07/88
  • Organized Crime Conference, Va. Beach, VA, (40 hrs.), 09/88
  • Satanic Cults and Ritualistic Abuse, Buck Co., PA, (3 day course), 10/89
  • Serial Murders, Atlantic City, NJ, 03/90
  • Homicide Investigation, Hosted by NYC PD, Homicide Unit; Delaware, 12/91
  • Advanced Homicide/Rape Profiling School, Pittsburg, PA (40 hrs.), 05/93
  • Fatal Accident Analysis and Reconstruction School, sponsored by Northwestern University, Chicago, IL (40 hrs.), 07/93
  • Advanced Homicide Investigation School, Sponsored by NJ State Police, Sea Girt, NJ (40 hrs.), 06/95
  • Police Supervision School, sponsored by State Chiefs of Police, Cherry Hill, NJ, 03/97
  • FBI Management and Supervision School, Camden County Police Academy, Blackwood, NJ (40 hrs.), 03/99
  • Methods of Instruction School, Camden County Police Academy, Blackwood, NJ (Certified Police Instructor, State of NJ), 11/99


  • Commendation For Bravery
  • Borough of Runnemede, 1975
  • Meritorious Commendation
  • Camden County Municipal Detectives Association, 1993
  • Outstanding Police Performance
  • Citizen's Crime Commission of the Delaware Valley, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, 1997
  • Commendation for Outstanding Performance of Duty
  • Camden County Detectives Association, 1997
  • Prosecutor's Service Award
  • Camden County Prosecutor's Office, 1998
  • Service Honor
  • The Board of Freeholders of Camden County, 1998
  • Certificate of Appreciation "Job Well Done"
  • Housing Authority of the City of Camden, 2000

We Can Help!

  • Criminal/Legal Firm
  • Civil/Insurance Fraud
  • Armed Escort Services
  • Industrial/School Security
  • Unsolved Homicide
  • Missing & Exploited Children/Persons
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Surveillance Specialist
  • Background Verification
  • Theft Investigation
  • Loss Prevention
  • Surveillance
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Certified M.O.I. Instructor
  • Seminar Speaker
  • GPS Tracking
  • Statement Taking
  • Polygraph
  • Surveillance Video
  • Security Consultations